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Problems Continue with San Diego's Ambulance Service Provider

SAN DIEGO - Problems continue with San Diego's new ambulance service provider.

Falck USA was recently fined $351,000 by the city for having more than 50 excessively long response times to emergency calls during the months of April, May and June and for other response time issues. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports the city's frustration with Falck failing to live up to the contract it signed with the city last year has officials now looking into creating the city's own emergency medical service within the San Diego Fire-Rescue department.

Falck says the slow response times are not only due to a staffing shortage but also because of delays at San Diego area hospitals and a big increase in calls for ambulances. Response times for medical emergencies at the border are also a concern.

Falck will be implementing mandatory overtime, requiring its staff to work one or two extra shifts each month, to address the staffing shortage and response times.

Falck ambulance

Photo: Eddie McCoven

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