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Vista Unified Breaks Silence on Misconduct Incident

VISTA - The Vista Unified School District provides an update on the misconduct involving members of the Vista High School football team.

In a video update, Vista Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Matt Doyle acknowledged the video of the locker room incident that surfaced on Social Media and the community's reaction.

"The video of students physically taunting and assaulting a fellow classmate - a teammate - caused our school community incredible pain, anger and sadness," Dr. Doyle.

The school district is now confirming the victim is a fellow teammate of the accused and is now officially calling the incident an assault. But the Superintendent says while those who've seen the video and the actions of the students involved and the language used may have called this incident sexual assault, the district has determined, along with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, that a sexual assault did not happen.

Other new information provided by the district is that several football players have now been disciplined following the incident.

The Superintendent also said while parents, students and community members have the right to protest and demonstrate outside of campus as they have been for the past week, they must do so respectfully and they do not have the right to be physically or verbally threatening.

Football players and other student athletes at Vista High are reportedly being subject to various forms of harassment.

The district says the investigation into the misconduct is ongoing and is looking into whether this is an isolated incident.

Watch the full update from the Vista Unified School District below:

Vista High School

Photo: KGTV

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