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State Cracking Down on Street Takeovers, Sideshows

SACRAMENTO - Governor Newsom signs a bill into law cracking down on street takeovers and so-called sideshows.

The Governor signed AB 2000 into law Monday which prohibits street racing, street takeovers and sideshows in parking lots across the state. The bill goes farther than previous legislation and now allows the courts to suspend the drivers license of those caught doing these activities in a parking lot, not just on streets.

Communities statewide have seen a sharp increase in street racing and takeovers especially during the stay-at-home orders at the height of the pandemic. The authors of the bipartisan legislation say its part of an effort to crack down on the dangerous and deadly events.

Last year in Chula Vista a grandmother was killed and two children injured when an illegal street race caused a chain-reaction crash. Recently in San Diego County 11 people were arrested and another 51 were given citations for street racing and sideshows over Labor Day weekend.


Photo: Getty Images

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