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Shocking Details Emerge in Child Abuse, Murder Case

SAN DIEGO - The mother and grandparents accused of abusing an 11-year-old girl will stay locked up as they await trial.

A judge denied bond Tuesday for Leticia McCormack and her parents Adella and Stanly Tom, who are facing charges of child abuse, torture and murder in connection with the death of McCormack's adopted daughter.

“We can imagine no scenario where individuals like this, are facing charges such as this, against outrageous evil actions such as this, where they are not a danger to the public,” said San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Meredith Pro.

Arabella McCormack's surviving sisters have told persecutors they are glad McCormack and her parents are behind bars.

“They have expressed that they are happy that these two individuals are in custody and that they hope they remain there because it makes them feel safe,” said Pro.

Arabella McCormack

In this undated photo, Arabella McCormack appears with her two younger sister.Photo: San Diego County Sheriff's Department

Arabella McCormack, 11, died back in August. Authorities say she weighed just 48 pounds at the time of her death and had at least 15 separate bone fractures. Prosecutors say McCormick and her mother abused Arabella and her two younger sisters with paddles and sticks, denied them access to bathrooms, starved them, isolated them in their rooms and forced them to participate in intense exercises.

McCormick was a leader at The Rock Church, but the church has said it no longer has a relationship with her. Her mother and father were both volunteers with the San Diego Police for several years.

All three will be back in court for a hearing in January.

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