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Spellcasters and an Affair: More from the Millete Hearing

SAN DIEGO - More bizarre twists and turns in the hearing for Larry Millete, who's been charged with the murder of his missing wife, Maya.

During Day 9 of the preliminary hearing we heard more testimony from a San Diego District Attorney's Office investigator, Mathew Grindley, who spoke on the digital evidence uncovered including photos in Maya's iCloud account of damage to walls and doors caused by Larry during what may be his moments of anger against his wife.

The court also saw a video of a confrontation between Larry and Maya about her alleged affair, in which Maya asked Larry if that's why he wished death on her and Larry responded that it was enough for him to do that.

Other evidence included more on the spellcasters Larry hired, at some point asking them to make Maya sick, to isolate her from her family and make her obey him forever. Then Larry apparently asked a spellcaster to stop putting a hex on his wife and instead on his wife's alleged extra-marital lover named Jamey.

More testimony is expected Wednesday and the hearing could wrap up. It's unclear if the judge will issue a ruling the same day on whether there's enough evidence to move forward with the trial.

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Larry Millete court

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