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Reactions Mixed to Biden Order on Gun Violence

SAN DIEGO - Reactions are mixed after President Biden issues executive order on reducing gun violence.

A small group gathered downtown Tuesday in support of any and all efforts to reduce gun violence in the state and across the nation. Victoria Koenitzer is an attorney in San Diego but in 2014 she was a student at UC Santa Barbara during the Isla Vista Massacre, which claimed the lives of two of her sorority sisters. She supports Biden's executive order.

"I think its a great step forward," Koenitzer told reporting partner 10 News. "I think we should be doing everything that we can to prevent further gun violence from falling upon more people."

But Gun Owners of California Executive Director Sam Paredes says the executive order will not do anything to protect people in San Diego or the rest of the state because the government can't stop every crazy person from committing acts of violence.

“There is nothing there that is really new especially here in California where we have more gun control laws than any other state in the union and yet we have the dubious distinction of having more mass shootings in California than any other state,” Paredes said.

In a statement Michael Schwartz of San Diego County Gun Owners said Biden is just virtue signaling and making gun owners out to be villains.

Biden Gun Order Rally

Photo: KGTV

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