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How to Avoid What Is Coming to San Diego This Weekend

You may have already heard about it but if you haven’t you will. And you may end up being in the middle of it.

It’s coming this coming weekend to San Diego. What is expected to be a huge traffic mess. Here is what's happening.

A long stretch of southbound Interstate 5 heading into downtown San Diego will be closed for 56 hours next weekend to repair the bridge deck over Highway 163.

The  closure begins at 9 o’clock Friday night all the way back at Interstate 8 and lasts all weekend until 5 o’clock Monday morning.

And then three weeks later on September 29th, the northbound lanes of the 5 will be closed back at the 15.

According to the district director for Cal Trans, the work on the 5 freeway bridge will ensure its structural integrity through downtown for years to come. So in other words it’s important.

They announced the plans last week to give everyone time to make plans, change plans or plan to find alternate routes. They say being forewarned is being forearmed.

So if you’re planning a trip downtown or to the airport next weekend, you may want to start mapping out your plan ahead of time so you’ll be able to avoid lots of time stuck in San Diego’s version of 'Carmageddon'.

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Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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