A Clinton Volunteer's 'Mean Tweet' Bites Back...


We are losing all sense of propriety. We are losing our perspective too. In today's toxic political climate we have too often become mean and small. 

Not everyone, obviously, but too many of us have succumbed to our baser natures. Heck, I am guilty of it as well, and believe me, I am taking a long hard look at myself before I hit the send button, these days. 

We all get snappish. No one likes to lose, and it smarts when we do. No one likes to be rejected, dumped, turned-down or other wise end up on with the short end of the stick. Losing isn't fun, but it is necessary. 

If anything, the implosion of my marriage has taught me the value of NOT succumbing to my worst instincts.  Because I did...and it hurt no one but me. It was stupid and ill-considered, and I imagine I will pay for that indiscretion for a very long time. That is as it should be, or will have learned absolutely nothing. 

Dan Grilo is learning this lesson as we speak. He attempted a Tweet and Delete, so he obviously had a moment of sanity after his horrible thought went out to the world at-large. 

A San Diego man, Otay Water Board member is learning that just because you think it, you shouldn't necessarily Tweet it. Hector Gastelum has raised eyebrows, and ire, for a series of Tweets in support of the President's executive order on immigration. See the whole story here.  

You can be filled with the certainty that whatever you are Tweeting is right. That it is correct. That your assessment of the situation is spot-bleeping-on. And it won't matter, because once the rest of the mean girls and boys get hold of it, you will be turned into a monster. Deservedly or not. 

By all means, Tweet to your heart's content. Say anything you want.  But don't be surprised when potential bosses shy away, because you are too toxic to hire. 

Refrain from rending garments and gnashing teeth when you get fired from your job, because you are perceived to have poor judgement. 

Think about your vitriol, and potential backlash, before you hit send. I know I am. 

LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

La Dona Harvey is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600. Read more


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