Billy Connolly's Sweet Comic Relief


I have always been a fan of Billy Connolly. You might not know, he was in a band in his younger days, with Gerry of my favorite singers of all time. They were called the Humblebums, and I have never even heard ONE song from them...I will be hitting youTube and searching today...

When Rafferty released City to City, back in the Jurassic, I was knocked sideways by that creamy, delicious voice. Absolute aural butterscotch. 

And the saxophone in the song, Baker Street is just gorgeous. Raphael Ravenscroft helping to craft one of the most memorable sax lines in rock.  It also takes a song that is pretty basic, and makes it spectacular. 


I don't know how saxophone players feel about that line, (I'll have to ask San Diegan Dave Good,) but I love it. It is plaintive and searching and sexy and there is a lonely, longing undercurrent in that sax that melts me. 

There is a bit of controversy as to who wrote that piece, and the evidence seems to back Rafferty on it, that Rafferty is responsible. Either is awesome. 


Also, Raphael Ravenscroft is a great name. I have only heard of one other Ravenscroft, and that is the similarly spectacularly named Thurl. Tony the Tiger. And the singer of the the Grinch song. 


Back to Connolly and Rafferty...Connolly spoke about his long-time friend after Rafferty's death, due to alcoholism. He was broken-up, and so genuine about it, that I just had to throw out some love, and hope that Connolly is able to weather his cancer and Parkinsons, and be with us a bit longer. 

LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

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