Imagine. Mental Health Treated as Health Issue!


Mental healthcare in this country is abysmal. For so many, it is completely inaccessible, because of the cost. 

We see them all over the place, people living in makeshift tents, all over the streets of San Diego County. 

Your neighbors struggle too, with children and family members suffering from mental illness...I get emails from people all the time, searching desperately for help. And as much as I KNOW about this topic...I can't help. Not really. 

Our medical system treats a broken brain like an afterthought...when it could be helped and healed if mental health care was considered a part of your primary care. It should be. This study backs that up. 

So while we are having this national conversation about insurance...let's talk about healthcare too. Actual healthcare. And mental health IS health, make no mistake. Just walk around downtown San Diego for 5 minutes, if you need proof. 

LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

La Dona Harvey is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600. Read more


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