Roman Polanski: Still a Creep

Roman Polanski drugged a 13 year old girl and had sex with her. The kind of sex where you can't get pregnant. And the kind where you can. There is a lot wrong with this story, including a mother who would drop her daughter off at a grown man's house so he could photograph her. (It was Jack Nicholson's house...he wasn't there.)

She knew what was going to happen, and basically pimped her kid out. I don't think she has EVER had to answer for that, and you may wonder why, like I do. 

Polanski did spend 42 days in Chino, for a "diagnostic study." I have no idea what that means...but his sentence was 90 days. 

He says he was told that the 42 days was enough, but political pressure came to bear, and that's when he took off for France, and the rest is history. 

At this point, even the girl would like it to come to an end...

I am far more intrigued at how Hollywood actors and actresses have approached this. Whoopie Goldberg once famously said it "wasn't rape-rape." 

And most actors and actresses trip over themselves to lavish praise on a man who drugged and sodomized a young girl. 


He should just come back, serve his time, and go on about his life. It isn't as though Hollywood will abandon him...they are too busy excusing him and singing his praises. And they will fall all over themselves to work with him. So Polanski comes out the winner either way. 

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LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

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