Just Another Killer. And Coward.

In my experience, and I have extensive experience, I might add, murder-suicides are neither. 

They are vengeance writ-large. And they are meant to do as much harm as possible. 

People who are struggling, people who are hurting, people who die by suicide...are trying to stop their own pain. They sure as Hell aren't out to get anyone else.

And then you have the narcissistic, sociopathic, murderous creeps who are out to teach someone a lesson. They are God, and no one else matters. At all.  

They want someone else wiped off the planet, and they don't care enough about themselves, to want to live. They aren't hurting themselves because of pain. 

They are offing themselves because murder is messy. They sure as Hell don't want to be held accountable for snuffing a light out of existence. They know prison sucks. They are twisted and horrible, and they don't give the slightest damn who else they hurt. That is, after all, the point.

Perpetrators of murder/suicide want to get away with murder. Period. They just want to make sure they take the object of their affection with them. That's ALL they care about. Collateral damage is fine, too. 

They are despicable. 

The bullet casings in this picture are engraved with the date my beloved grandfather took his own life. With the bullets that once were part of them. 

 I'm not sure why he engraved them with the date of his death, but here's what I do know...my life was altered forever the day he died, by his own hand. 

My dear grandfather took his own life, and a large portion of the light from mine. What he did not do, was take my grandmother, my mom, my uncle, my brother or me with him. 

He was trying to stop the pain of schizophrenia. He was likely trying to deal with some of he more horrible things he had done, or just THOUGHT he had done, at the worst of his mental state.

 I don't know what those things were, but my grandfather, In addition to being the most wonderful man in my world, resided in a very dark place, and had thought dark thoughts, and quite possibly, deeds,  I can only guess at. 

I have these shells to remind me of how awful the human mind can be. How twisted. How brutal. How unforgiving. How cut-off from love and life, the mind can make you feel. How...bereft.

And if I could toss this in: If you have EVER, for any reason at all, thought about taking your own life...please reach out. The pain you are feeling will pass...the pain of your loss would haunt those who love you for the rest of their lives. It NEVER goes away, when you have been left behind. I am speaking from sad experience here. 

Don't spare Cedric Anderson another thought. He doesn't deserve your pity. 

Go give that to the people living on the streets of San Diego County. 

We've left them free to walk about in soiled clothes, and their own offal. Trapped inside their own private Hell. Harmful only to themselves. 

But don't you dare spare that murderous **** another thought. I won't. 

I know the difference between agony and ENRAGED.


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UPDATE On the Elementary School Shooting IN San Bernardino
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LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

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