Actor Investigated for Blasphemy

I am an atheist. I have been an atheist my entire life. What I am NOT, is a hater of religion. 

I have seen great beauty in belief, and I have seen great ugliness. In today's world, beating each other about the face and neck for every little thing has become de rigeur, and, quite frankly, boring. 

I can think of a lot of reasons to dislike people, mostly tied to behavior, but I can't think of one instance where I judged them based on whether they believe. That seems pretty shallow, actually. 

Other atheists have made sport of religion, and I get the temptation, but I really see no difference in having faith in a higher power, or having faith in people. Either way, you are throwing it up there to see what happens. 

We are fallible. Sometimes we are gullible. 

If it works for you in your life, I'm sure not going to berate you 

Which brings me to Stephen Fry . I don't know Stephen, but I've met him, and had a long conversation with him on TalkSport in the UK.

My friend Ian Collins had him on with me as he talked about a program he made during a road trip here in America. 


He was over the moon about the trip and the show, and was enamored with the country, and the people he met. Stephen was gracious and kind and very, very sweet. I've adored him since that day. 

Turns out, he, like me, is an atheist. And he was asked what he thought of religion on a show in Ireland. He answered, and that's where the fun starts. 

A complaint was made, Fry was investigated, and he could have been fined £25,000, for speaking his truth. 

I just had to look around for a second to figure out what year it is. Yup, 2017. Says so right here on my iPhone. 

Apparently, Irish investigators couldn't find anyone sufficiently outraged, to prosecute. That they actually spent the time and money they did, investigating a blasphemy complaint, boggles the mind. Read more here.

LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

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