NEED YOUR ADVICE! Need To Exercise, Must Be FUN!

Because I will tell anyone absolutely anything, you are well aware of the changes I have been going through. It has been, ahem, enlightening, to say the least. For me. 

I have taken a hard look at me. And some of what I have seen has left me less-than thrilled. 

But some other things I am grooving-on, and my counselor tells me that I need to lighten up, Francis. 

The things about myself that I don't like, I am actively working to change. Which doesn't mean I am on the road to "perfect." That'll never happen. Thank God.

But if I can manage to be authentic, all the time, now THAT I am OK with. I am having some growing pains. They look a little like crazy.  OK, maybe they are crazy, but I am pretty benign in my nuttiness. 

So, about those things I don't like. 

Heh, there is quite a list there, and I won't divulge all, but one of them is the lack of activity in my life. 

I have gone to gyms, and worked out, and while I LOVE to lift weights, I absolutely despise going to the gym. There are really no words. 

Keep in mind, I used to work out next to the Bella Twins, and that was, shall we say, a tad disheartening. 

SO in winnowing down what I want to do, I am making a list of what I absolutely, positively, do NOT want to do. 

And this is where I need your help. 

I don't want to go to the gym. 

I will only run, if someone is chasing me. And they are Armed. 

I don't mind hiking, but if it's too hot, it ain't happening. 

I don't love yoga. And hot Yoga is a complete non-starter. I have it in my head that it smells like butt in there...

I am not a joiner. Group stuff doesn't interest me. 

OK, that's the short list. 

How do you get exercise, and enjoy it? 

That really is the key for me. If I dread it, I won't do it. I am much like your average toddler, in that way. 

What do I like? The ocean (but I can't go there everyday, due to time constraints.) 

I like shooting stuff. (Inanimate objects, only.) 

I like to explore.

So how do you gin up enthusiasm? 

What is fun for you? 

I will try almost anything. Almost. 

But not this:  I'd laugh so hard I would strain something, or knock out a tooth. 

LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

La Dona Harvey is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600. Read more


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