Wonder Woman, Save Me from Nonsense!


Oh. My. God, people. Get a grip. 

Wonder Woman is coming out this weekend, and I am beyond jazzed. 

Getting lost in a movie, especially one involving complete fabrication and fantasy...is one of my favorite things. 

Superhero movies, when well-done, are a whole lot of fun! They are meant to be an escape. We get to escape the ridiculosity of every day life, by disappearing...into the ridiculous. The difference, of course, is that ridiculous movies don't have any effect, at all, on our lives. 

For a couple of hours, we can get lost in a story, and just enjoy it. 

But some people can't manage to do that. 

It started with critics saying she should have hairy armpits. Seriously. Because hairy armpits make you a real woman, or something. On an island of women, why would they shave. I have no idea. And, I don't care. 

Look, if you want your armpits hairy, I fully support you in your hirsutity. Other than that, leave the rest of our pits out of it. Including Wonder Woman's.

The next criticism, Her costume is too skimpy. Uh, this is a fantasy based on a comic book character. See the source. If you want a smart, grungy, non-perfect body-having, boot-wearing, female hero, may I present to you: Ripley. You're welcome. 


I love that character. Two of my favorite movies of all time involve Aliens. And Ripley.

I have also read a bunch of criticism that Our non-hairy armpitted, bustier-wearing, golden lasso...lasso-ing, heroine fights like a guy. So she is either too much like a guy, or she is not hairy enough. Like a guy.

Apparently, our Superheroine is supposed to deal with bad guys using her wit and guile. 

Completely negating the fact that she is....a Superhero.

Color me confused. Also color me unimpressed with the criticism. 

So I will be a popcorn-munching, giant coke-drinking happy little camper, watching Wonder Woman at The Lot, this weekend. And I can promise you, I won't care about any of the above...I will be, dare I say it, entertained.  And not at all concerned about her armpits. . 


LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

La Dona Harvey is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600. Read more


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