Some Time Off Thoughts

Time. We probably don't give time the credit it is due. Or the respect. 

Our time on this planet is far too short, and we waste an awful lot of it. 

On worries. On people who don't deserve it. On bull. 

When people gift us their time, we might not appreciate it the way we should. Give that some thought. 

Someone thinks enough of you to share their time with you. Are you late? Are you on your phone? Are you distracted? 

Or are you there, in the moment, with them? 

Not to get too philosophical about it, but on your deathbed, are you gonna be glad you answered a stupid text in the middle of lunch with a friend? Probably not. 

Would you be thrilled that you holed up in your house, binge-watching Golden Girls, instead of going for that bike ride? I Doubt that. 

At the end of your time on the planet, will you believe you used your time to its utmost potential? Or do you fritter it away, as though there are endless days and years to come? 

As I come out the other side of this forced transformation, I am finding what I value has changed. Ok, it's expanded. I still love my car.

But I also am learning to be in the moment with my friends. To use my time to try to make even the littlest difference in the world...maybe make a tiny corner a bit brighter. So that when my time is gone, I can think, "Yeah, I did something. I made a difference. I helped, instead of harmed."

And maybe my time will have helped someone else use theirs more wisely, or to better effect. 

Time is of the essence. Are you screwing around and wasting it?  Take a drive up the coast. Take a flight to Rome. Take a friend for a walk on the beach. Take yourself into a good book. Enjoy! 

LaDona Harvey

LaDona Harvey

La Dona Harvey is co-host of San Diego's Morning News on News Radio KOGO AM 600. Read more


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