Why Some San Diego Parents Were Freaking Out

That these are well-done is unquestionable...BUT...

Look, we all need to learn about our bodies...and the way things operate. A user-manual would sure come in handy! 

I watched a couple of these videos being used in San Diego Unified School District's sex ed for 6th graders, and I can see why some parents would have misgivings. Kids at that age vary greatly in their maturity levels...and while some absolutely might be ready to learn more graphic details about sex, porn, and their own body functions, others might only be ready for the basics. So having these available to help parents is fantastic. 

They strike the right tone, and take the "scary," out of learning things that move you into adulthood. 

I watched the videos with two millennials, and they freaked out at some of the content, as it relates to the age of the students, so, it ain't just "gramma" here, freaking out over S.E.X. 

So, if mom and dad think they are ready...absolutely use them as a handy tool. But maybe they could work with teachers to determine where their kid's maturity levels are, and use them accordingly.  

That video would definitely help a guy deal with morning surprises. But the next video is a bit advanced. 

Either way, I would look at them as tools, but if my kid was learning this in school, I might want to be involved in deciding when they are appropriate. Human sexuality is awfully complex, isn't it?