YAY! it's Colonoscopy/Endoscopy time!

Getting older is SO much fun! 

Yesterday, I found myself in line at the pharmacy, waiting for a big package. A package I want nothing to do with. But I have to this, and there it is. 

It is a two bottle set...

And my friends tell me, once you take it, you will attach yourself to the bathroom like a toddler to his mom. 

It's funny. Kinda. 

My friend, Dr. Dahlia Wachs JUST went through he exact same procedure, so when I emailed her, I expected her to commiserate! 

When she was done laughing, she said, "have fun!" 

She is a doctor!

 I have now been given excruciating, and extremely impolite detail about what I can expect when the first bottle goes down. And the second. It isn't pretty. It sounds a lot like this looks:

I have managed to put it off for a year, but that delay is done, and Thursday morning, I am going under. 

I may not share the worst of it...but then again, I am me, so you never know. 

I am doing this because I am loved, and my family needs me to be healthy. So as humiliating as this is...and it is excruciating to me, I will do it with good cheer. OK, I will do this. Probably without good cheer. Wish me luck....