Music to Road Trip, and Live By

Road tripping requires great music...and thanks to great tech, you can make the perfect set list for a ride to...anywhere. 

My friend Josh Board did a Facebook post about driving songs, and I just did my run up the coast and back this weekend, so I figured...why not? 

For a lot of us, music provides the backdrop to some of the best times in our lives. And gets us through some of the worst. Hey, sometimes, you need to wallow a bit...

Many of us use it to heal our wounds. During the divorce, I played all kinds of vengeful stuff, and it may have kept me from being more awful than I was. You can use music to lift your mood, or reflect it, and that is a really cool thing. 

I have a buddy who likes to start his day with Lowrider Oldies. Having spent a substantial amount of time in El Paso as a kid, I GET why that is how he starts his day. I can hear the cowbell now...and it makes me smile...because I can picture the whole scene. I need video. Heh. 

When I am getting ready for a date, I like to play bouncy, happy tunes. Dance music, for some reason makes me feel really positive about myself. Even though my dance-style could generously be described as, drunk Elaine.

I'm serious...and I am OK with it. 

What are some of your favorite driving songs? 

Which songs did you use to get through hard times? 

Bonus points for posting songs and artists I have never heard of...GO!

Music to see Diedre

Music to see Diedre