Chargers to LA. So....Who is Your New Team?

Growing up, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan. I lived in Canyon, Texas, and that's what you did. They were America's team, after all. The poor Houston Oilers couldn't get a dirty look in the 70's, which is probably why they ended up moving. 

In the Cowboys heyday, Roger Staubach was the best quarterback in the world. I had a bit of a crush, truth be told. I remember seeing Tony Dorsett, Lance Alworth, Mike Ditka, Craig Morton, Billy Joe Dupree and watching my dad go NUTS when they played. 

When the Steelers would hit the field, he would hiss at Mean Joe Greene, even as he admired every play the man made. He was from Texas, after all, he was just playing for the enemy. And he was mean as cat poop. This is the guy who kicked the nickles off of Bob McKay as he lay on the field. I am also pretty sure he spit on Fran Tarkenton. But I digress. 

So now, we all need a new team. I am leaning toward the Packers, because I am crushing on Clay Matthews. I mean, I really admire his antics on the field. He's a brawler, and I do like that. A lot. 

At my new home, I am caught between a Packers fan and a Steelers fan, and they are vicious in their support for their respective teams. I tread carefully of a Sunday. Mostly, I pour them beer. From a tap, no less. We aren't savages. 

So do I take the path of least resistance in my house, or go completely off the rails, and try my hand at Texas football again, risk life, limb and access to the tap? Or at least risk getting thrown out on my ear. 

Decisions, Decisions. Maybe I'll think about it while I drink this beer. That I poured for that Pittsburgh fan I live with. And love. A lot. No, really. Hey! Don't throw that Terrible Towel at me! This is not my fault!!




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