Yes. He IS your President. Act Accordingly

Many Democrats, including our own Representative Juan Vargas, have decided to sit out the inauguration.

This is what passes for a "principled stand," in Washington, where they couldn't find a principle if it fell out of the dome and coated the entire chamber in moral ectoplasm, a-la Ghostbusters.  They would have no clue they had been "slimed."

Some have called Donald Trump's victory, "illegitimate," and what a massive disservice they are doing to this country and it's voters. He won, fair and square, so stop with the hissy-fits already.

Now, let's say you hate him. That's fine. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you have to like the man who holds that seat. But to denigrate the office is taking it further than is seemly. 

Call me, Miss Manners, but shame on those who have taken their hatred of the man, and their peevishness over losing, to this level. They will tell you that what they are doing is honorable. They are mistaken. They are being peevish, petty, and childish. Sore losers. 

This massive, yet peaceful, transfer of power is one of the most magnificent anomalies the world has ever seen, and we do it time and time again. 

They need to separate their dislike of Donald Trump, and honor the office of the president. That's what the Inauguration is about. It is about us, as people, and as a country. We shouldn't lose sight of that. And neither should those lawmakers who are going to sit it out. 

This isn't about Trump or Melania; Obama or Michelle. It's about you. And YOU deserve better from those lawmakers. 



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