Bad Days are NOT Forever

Supermassive black hole at the center of a remote galaxy digesting the remnants of a star. (Photo by Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

NASA Black Hole Getty Photos.

We all have them. Bad days. Some bad days are MUCH worse than others, but most of us power through them, because we all know bad days do not last forever. One of the things I am learning to do is look at the amazing things around me to see the good out there. And there is a lot of good out there. 

Unfortunately, sometimes, we watch the Facebook feed, and Twitter, and all we see is the very worst. I am beginning to think it is coloring our lives in a really negative way. 

I read somewhere that you should go tech-free one day a week. Stay off Facebook. Stop checking email. No Tweeting. If you aren't looking at your phone, you may actually see some beautiful things around you. 

We are incredibly fortunate. For all it's problems, San Diego is still an amazing place to live. And the rain has turned it greener that you have probably seen in years. 

The people here are really cool too. Think about your friends. Now, what about calling one of them up to meet for coffee? 

Perhaps wine is your that case, Uber over to one of the many great restaurants here and tip a glass with a friend. Oh, and DON'T post it on Instagram! there.

I am going to have a one on one with a dear friend this weekend, and I am going to leave my phone in my purse, until I need to use it for my ride home. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and I am going to listen...

Are you connecting with your friends the way you should? Too many times, I have seen people out together, but neither was really there. They are both on their phones, attempting to connect with other people. 

I think it is turning us a tad anti-social. So my experiment on disconnecting from tech, and reconnecting with a living breathing human is this weekend. Want to try it with me? 

Hit me up on Facebook and let me know how it goes. After you actually do it, of course. :-)




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