What Do YOU Find Attractive in Other People?

Most people think I am joking when I say that Bill Murray is the perfect man. I'm not. I have had a crush on Bill, since I was a kid, watching him on Saturday Night Live. I love his hang-dog mien, paired with his razor wit. The man is funny, and there is a sweetness about him that is extraordinarily appealing to me. 

Keep in mind, I have never met the man, and probably never will. I may be imagining those traits, but I don't think so. 

If I was to go strictly on looks alone, the man above, Mark Strong, Is just sex on a stick to me.  I am not a Brad Pitt kind of girl. Idris Elba is another man that, based on looks alone, I find drop dead gorgeous. Please make him the new James Bond!

That's just looks...in REAL people, The most attractive trait to me, is a sense of humor. My Roommate, Chrissa, is one funny human being. She is smart, and has a heart of gold. Her Husband, Dan, also my roommate, is charming. He is very funny, but in a quieter fashion. 

I also love smarts. My friend Dennis, who has been so very kind to me at a very difficult time, is brilliant. He is quiet about it, but I know. And funny....oh yes he is. That's a common thread for me. 

About the last thing I have ever cared about is, looks. An accident of DNA is not an accomplishment, though as you can see, I do find good looking men attractive. But that isn't what gets me across the table from them at dinner. Smart, funny, accomplished. Kindness too, is a more important trait to me than looks. 

Integrity. Personal integrity, what people do while the rest of us aren't looking. That's a major one for me. 

Friends, or more than friends, I like the same qualities in both men and women. What is the thing...that certain something...that attracts you to people? 

DO you have to be physically attracted, as well as emotionally attracted to people? Tell us!

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