The New Tax Law and YOU!

You need to talk to a tax person, because we Californian's took a hit in the new tax law. 

Here is the simplest explanation: We used to be able to write-off the exorbitant state taxes we pay in California, on our federal returns. Now there is $10,000  limit, and you are probably going to pay the state wayyyy more than that. 

Bottom line, get a tax guy or gal to take a look at your withholding, and see if you need to change anything. 

If you have kids, you will be in a better tax position than single-people who make a decent salary. Hey, someone's gotta pay for all those tax cuts. 

Either way, have a professional take a look at the tables, and make sure your withholding is correct. 

We spoke with CPA Rebecca Walser about the various changes, and you can listen to that here: 


Walser's book is called Wealth Unbroken, and is available on amazon.



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