Classic Painting Removed: Sensitivity? Censorship?

Is the removal of Hylas and the Nymphs, fascist, as one Pre-Raphaelite expert asserts?

The J.W. Waterhouse painting is a masterpiece. That isn't really the point. 

What the curator at the Manchester Art Gallery say, is that she wants to start a, "debate about how art is displayed." She is, according to a BBC interview, uncomfortable with the, "gender representation," in the painting. You can hear that interview here.

So she removed it. 

Do YOU think there need to be a debate about how art is displayed? About WHAT art is displayed?

Whether Piss Christ, or Hylas and the Nymphs, when we take it upon ourselves to decide what is proper "gender representation," and what is not...what is relevant and what is not, are we negating the art itself? 

You tell me. 



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