Peeping Tom in San Diego Walmart Busted!


A man was arrested by San Diego police, accused of recording women using the bathroom at a Kearny Mesa Walmart.

The suspect's name is Richard Shaw. Police say the 52 year old man was arrested after using his cell phone to record women in their stalls at the store on Shawline St. on Tuesday. 

LaDona and I were talking about this and wondering -- WHO DOES THIS??!!! WHY???!!!  When you use the restroom there's a reasonable expectation of privacy. This is such a personal violation it's mind boggling. 

When I was reporting, I covered the story of a guy who hid in a porta-potty with a camera... he had on a raincoat and he used an umbrella so he wouldn't get anything on him (I know... really gross and disturbing). Point is -- this is nothing new. And with smart phones, creepers could be anywhere, recording anything.

I understand fetishes do exist, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say they need to be CONSENSUAL.

If someone was filming me in the bathroom, my first instinct would be to smash his phone. But then again, sadly, I'd probably be the one who ended up behind bars.



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