How to Celebrate: A Tutorial! (Hint: NO FIRE)

I don't know where, when or why rioting became a form of celebration, but this is ridiculous. 

I am guessing that you and I are much the same...when feeling deliriously happy we may do any number of things to celebrate. 

We raise a glass! 

We do a little victory dance, and maybe a wiggle!

We hug and kiss our friends, and perhaps a few strangers! 

We "Neener Neener," the fans from the other side.

I have been a part of a few celebrations, some of them sports victory celebrations, and unless my memory fails me, I can't recall ever doing anything destructive. You have probably also never set a fire or rolled a car onto it's side in celebration of a win. At least, that's my guess. 

Fans in Philly are not the first to get out of control in celebration of a win. 

And the fans in Philly didn't completely melt-down. 

But a few got hurt, some badly, if the excerpts from Philadelphia police are to be believed. 

Here are some notable sports riots. How lovely.



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