To Valentine, or NOT to Valentine

Valentines day can be fraught, but it shouldn't be. And don't make the mistake of saying you don't want anything...that's just dumb. 

I am speaking from experience here, ladies, so before you dismiss it, take a minute to read this. 

I am not, by nature, a romantic girl. I have never put much emphasis on flowers, diamonds, and romance. That was a mistake. 

I have come to know that these things aren't so much about how I feel about them...they are more about what the man in my life feels about me. His regard, as it were. It is also about how much I value...myself. 

 Maybe you, like me, were a bit of a tomboy as a kid. I am still pretty rough and tumble. More inclined to rock climb than fawn over rocks at the jewelry store. 


I always thought that Valentine's day was stupid. A made-up holiday meant to make us all get het-up over nothing. I may have rolled my eyes a time or two. 

I was wrong about that. 

Well, I was wrong about most of it. It IS a made-up thing, but that doesn't matter. Really. 

What I learned, the hard way, was that what it means to me is not important. What mean to him, matters very much. 

As a woman, I demand to be valued. I still (mostly,) don't need flashy, expensive stuff, but I do require romancing. I need to know that I am well-regarded by the person I am with. That I have value. 

Because I value myself. 

The next Valentine's Day that rolls around, and IF I happen to have a significant other, I will expect something. Flowers. Dinner. If it is a serious relationship, SHINY. ( If you are wondering, yes, I intend to give as good as I get. Because whoever I am with, is ALSO worth it. )

Because I have value, and yes, I am worth it. I am worth a romantic dinner and a thoughtful gift. I am worth every penny. 

And so are you. 


Photo Credits: LaDona Harvey and Getty Images



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