Black Panther looks AMAZING!

Oh, I am all about it. 


The problem is, I am pretty sure it will be seriously crowded this weekend, so....Netflix it is.

I like my movie theaters nearly empty, which, I am sure, bums out the theaters...but I will admit, I am spoiled. I am spoiled by Amazon, Netflix and other on demand services that let me watch movies and TV MY way. (Which also, by the way, allows me to hit pause in case I need a break, as it were.)

When you go to the movie, are you there for the movie, or the full experience? I am there to catch the show, and don't want any yelling, applauding...and crunching of popcorn, other than my own. 

But I get it that some people...probably a lot of people...really love the sense of camaraderie that goes along with seeing a blockbuster with a few hundred other enthusiasts. I get it, it's just not my bag. 

SO I am going to catch up on Jessica Jones, which a super-dark super-hero series. Maybe watch Love actually, since that was my Valentine's Day boohoo plan until the stomach crud laid me out. 

 I may nap. I, apparently, have become my grandmother. 

And in a couple of weeks, I may sneak out of work early, and catch the matinee of Black Panther on a Wednesday, so as to assure my perfect solitude. Just popcorn, and maybe a Twizzler or two. (NOT Red Vines, you cretins!)

How do you like your movies? Crowded and boisterous? Quiet? Does it depend on the movie for you? Red Vines? or the perfect Twizzler? 



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