Chelsea King's Parents talk to KOGO

Out of the kind of horror most of us can't even imagine, comes the kind of decency you wish there was more of.

When Brent and Kelly King sat down in the KOGO studios, I suppose I expected to see a more outward manifestation of their pain. 

What I saw instead were two people who have somehow come to terms with unimaginable horror. 

They were funny, gentle, happy people. 

They took utter devastation, and managed to create a phenomenal amount of good from it. 

Good that extends to other San Diego High School kids, and sends them off to college with financial help. 

Finish Chelsea's Run this weekend at Balboa Park, and start off with a Group Hug, before the race, courtesy of Bob and Coe and KGB.

In a world that seems like it is filled with darkness, there is a lot of good...this is just a bit of it, right here in San Diego. 



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