Why is a President's Funeral Different Than Your Dad's?

There has been a fair amount of rending of garments over the funeral of a former President. I don't get it.

George H.W. Bush was a President. He was also a dad, a grandfather, and beloved by his friends. 

I would expect that, because he was a human being., 

What caught me off-guard, were snarky remarks from those who believe that a funeral is a place to pick someone apart. 

We can do that anytime, and anywhere, via Twitter, Facebook and any other number of places we get to vent our collective spleen in as ugly or genteel a fashion as we choose. 

His presidency, as they all are, was picked apart as it unfolded. 

A President doesn't get any quarter while serving, so I think we owe them a fair amount, after it that service has ended. And we certainly aren't going to bleed from the eyes, if we allow them to be buried with dignity. 

I think we are all old enough to know that no one is perfect, and no one is without flaws, weaknesses, and maybe even a darker aspect that we aren't terribly proud of. 

People are all too willing to remind us of those things, which is fine. It can serve to keep us in check. 

You can't keep a dead man in-check, he is beyond such nonsense. 

41 wasn't a perfect president, and he wasn't a perfect man. 

What I have learned about him, however, was something I didn't notice when he was our elected leader. 

I've learned of his kindness and loyalty, and that he was a much funnier man than I would have guessed. 

I haven't unlearned his missteps or mistakes. They are still there, for all of us to Wiki or Google, at our leisure. 

But we don't need to tear the man apart in his casket. That is all. 




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