My Wish for You in the New Year

I've never made a resolution I ever kept. Perhaps I am weak-willed. At this point, I don't even care. However, I have some new year wishes for you.

May you surround yourself with people who love you. 

There is far too little love, these days, and far too much acrimony. 

We spend too much time not communicating with each other, through our phones and pads...snarking at one another through Facebook and Twitter.

Perhaps we could be a bit each other. 

I hope that this year, you are able to convince those who spend their time with you via text, to instead, sit with you over a cup of coffee, and really, truly, connect. To look into your eyes, and open up. It is one of the joys of life to sit with a leaving, breathing person...and really feel them. I hope you get to do that a lot this year. 

If you find yourself lonely, too often, I wish great company for you. 

Maybe by reaching out to one another, we can reverse the trend of loneliness that is making so many feel despair...for themselves, their children and their country. 

In this new year, perhaps we can be a little more forgiving of each other...and a little less rigid. It's one thing to hold someone to high standards. It's another thing entirely, to hold each other to impossible standards.

And for God's sake, I hope none of us ends up in some viral YouTube Hell, captured in a terrible moment.  

I wish you peace, love and contentment. Happy New Year. 


Photo credit: LaDona Harvey, Sunrise, Santa Barbara. 



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