Seattle is Dying, and San Diego is NOT Far Behind


We have the same problems...and the same NON-solutions. It's making our cities unlivable...for everyone.

For the homeless and addicted, it is a life as both victim, and victimize-r.

For residents, it is neighborhoods trashed and unsafe, where if you leave anything...anywhere, it will get stolen.

Go ahead, ride your own bike to go shopping. Lock it. You are still taking a chance that it is gone, when you return. Or at least, missing pieces.

Lock your car with anything that looks pawn-able in are coming out to broken glass.

Leave your car unlocked by accident...your center console will be pilfered of those quarters your have been tossing in there for parking meters.

I live in Mission Hills, and I see the fatigue. I feel it. You have compassion, and are also tired of being stolen from. Business owners are tired of having to call in haz-mat when their stoops are used as toilets.

You hear screaming in the middle of the night...and day.

Hepatitis A starts spreading.

It is exhausting, for everyone, and exacerbated by governments that do a whole lot of talking and hand-wringing...but not much else.

It feels like we are heading for terminal velocity, and there is no inflatable air bag to catch us. And there is a real feeling of animosity building where there used to be sadness and compassion.



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