Jeffrey Epstein Should Still be Alive!

Not only did he need to pay for what he did to those girls, we needed to know who else took advantage of them.

Let me be clear, I do not give even the slightest $h*! what side of the political aisle anyone involved in this is on. I want them all. And, I want them all jailed.

The fact that money and power apparently shielded everyone from any kind of scrutiny in the original investigation, is not to be borne. We, the people, want sunlight, and a lot of it, to expose what magical confluence of events occurred to allow him to escape the consequences the first time.

We want the names of those who took advantage of his...largesse.

That this animal was left alone in a cell, having already attempted to escape his fate yet again, is unfathomable to anyone with half a brain and who is only halfway sober. Heads need to roll. And not just scapegoated heads. ALL of the heads...on a pike...right now, would be just fine.

Dear Justice Department and FBI. We. Are. Waiting. But nor for long...



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