I Got A Package From Wuhan

It was a routine trip with the dog to my mailbox. I opened it up and saw a package. I didn't remembering ordering anything recently so I took a look at the return address on the label. It was from Wuhan. Yes, that Wuhan... in China... where the Coronavirus outbreak reportedly started. I stared at it for a minute wondering whether I was reading it correctly, then I started to worry. But I'm still not sure why. Obviously a virus can't live in or on a box, can it? I walked in my front door, holding the package away from me, as if that was some sort of protection. I set it down and contemplated opening it, but decided to google "packages from Wuhan Coronavirus" instead. Apparently, many people are getting packages from Wuhan from companies like E-Bay and Amazon. Every article said there's no way a virus would survive on a package that usually takes months to arrive to the U.S. So, I carefully opened it. Turns out it was a dog toy I ordered in November!! I had totally forgotten about it! Did I give the toy to my dog? I'll let you guess that one...

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