Life After the Pandemic - Creating or Maintaining Good Body and Mind Habits

It's drawing near, June 15th, the official re-opening date of California. It's going to be an adjustment for many and a challenge to either maintain the good health habits created during the lockdown find the motivation to start back up.

KOGO Reporter Eddie McCoven has a produced a series of reports to help you prepare for some of the challenges.

Listen to Part Four below.

Listen to the morning news Friday at 6:11am or 8:11am for a wrap up of Life After the Pandemic; Adjusting to our new normal or check back here for updates.

If you missed the earlier segments, listen below.

Part 1 Advice on how to best approach your return to an office environment and how to approach your boss about keeping some of the work at home flexibility.

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Part 2 Tips on maintaining the relationships you strengthened in lockdown and getting your partner and pets ready for your return to leaving the house again for normal activities.

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Part 3 Advice on conquering your fear of being in a crowd and back out in social situations plus what local restaurants have planned for the future of dining out.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images