What to Know About What to Do About Wildfires

He said it back in February, in the middle of a Southern California winter, when a brush fire broke out in Orange County and another broke out in L-A County.

They were not as serious as the fire Wednesday that broke out just a few miles from San Diego County, spreading up a hillside in Laguna Niguel, burning and destroying homes, in less than a couple of hours.

But it was back in winter, in February when Orange County Fire Chief and the former fire chief in San Diego, Brian Fennessey said this:

“We no longer have a fire season. We have a fire year.” and he added, “If this is any sign of what’s to come throughout the rest of the winter and spring, we’re in for a long year.”

Well, after what we witnessed last night in Laguna Niguel, that’s what a lot of firefighters are saying.

Cal Fire says the risk of wildfires in California this year is even greater due to serious or severe drought conditions in most of the state. They also point to climate change, which has meant hotter temperatures more frequently and more gusty winds. And all of that is a formula for bad wildfires.

And all of that also is a warning to everyone in California to be better prepared. Making sure vegetation that can burn is cut down or dug up. And avoiding working with tools outdoors that can spark a fire. And knowing and planning what to do if you have to ever evacuate your home as a fire approaches. These days, it’s just part of life in California.


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