What to Think About and Not Think About on Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. a day whose origin of its reputation as an unlucky day began in ancient times in ancient mythology.

But for some, a few who suffer from triskaidekaphobia or the fear of the number 13, it can be a more stressful day. There are even a few people around who won’t venture outside on a Friday the 13th. 

While there can be up to three Friday the 13ths in one calendar year, there is only one Friday the 13th in the entire year of 2022. But with the news this year, it can make you feel as if almost every day is a Friday the 13th.

The stock market plunging, inflation rising, baby formula and other products running out, the crime rate up, and COVID cases spreading, again. And then of course the scenes we see every day from Europe as the Russia invasion in Ukraine brings back scenes from history that we haven’t seen for 80 years.

It all can stress us out and impact our mental health and even raise already overblown feelings of fear on this Friday 13th  

And it also seems as if more people are having trouble getting along with other people these days too, including co-workers, friends and even family.

Maybe today is a good day to think not about the bad but about the good, the things and the people for whom we are grateful. It may make you feel lucky, and thankful, about what you do have on this Friday the 13th.

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