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Is There a Shift Happening in American Politics?

Things appear to be shifting in national politics. Two polls this week suggest signs of change.

One of the new polls said 75 percent of Democrats want someone else to be their party’s nominee instead of Joe Biden. The other poll said a slight majority of Republicans do not want Donald Trump to run again in 2024.

Are these polls a sign that voters in both parties are getting more fed up with the nasty political fighting among leaders in our government and especially in Congress?

Just look at some of the headlines this week.

"Senate Democrats Outmaneuvered Republicans with Climate and Budget Bill".

"Inside the Secret Manchin-Schumer Deal, Dems Shocked, GOP Betrayed".

And there was TV celebrity and activist Jon Stewart, criticizing members of Congress for not passing a health care bill for war veterans, saying, "Their constituents are dying. And they're gonna get it done after the (congressional) recess?

All of this could be indicators that more Americans, including Republicans and Democrats, are getting more frustrated by the lack of action and the inability or unwillingness to work together to get more done.

Politics will always be politics, but a lot of Americans seem to be getting even more fed up with it.

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