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What Will COVID Be Like This Coming Winter?

We’ve all probably noticed it, the increased number of coronavirus infections in recent weeks. 

Just look on Facebook for one and you see friends who are isolating at home and waiting for a negative test result.

From the President on down, there have been reports of more infections because of the more contagious BA.5 variant.

While reports now say the recent surge looks like it is beginning to slow down, now there’s a forecast out about this winter. It will be third winter with COVID still around.

And according to a report by Reuters, scientists are predicting that as people spend more time indoors in the colder months, this time with little or no masking or social distancing, there could be waves of cases.

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, that tracks the pandemic, suggests that could mean cases that are twice the current daily total.

So while we all want the pandemic to be done, cases may surge again in the winter months, 

But this new report says hospitalizations are unlikely to rise with the same intensity because of expected milder variants along with vaccinations and booster shots, previous infections, and effective COVID treatments.  And that is good news.


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