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Why the Battle Over the Border Gets Worse

The debate over immigration is only getting hotter.

There probably hasn’t been a time when the news has been filled with more stories about it than now.

The number of arrests of people crossing the U.S. Mexico border is over two million in one year for the first time.

Customs and Border Protection says the number of removals over the past year was higher than ever before, at least 1.3 million.

The governors of Florida and Texas say they will continue to send asylum seeking immigrants to other states. Leaders in those other states say they are looking into legal action.

And on and on it goes. And again, as always, there are no signs that all of this going on will lead to any efforts to agree on what to do about it.

We hear a lot from people in both political parties accusing the other of “weaponizing” the immigration. It shouldn’t be a surprise because the debate about immigration, which has gone on for decades, has become a political war and the battleground is heating up.

Each side fires verbal attacks at the other side. Each side says they want to solve it, but each side says the other side blocks them with each side blaming the other side for not being able to get anything done.

So despite words from some that there is no better time than now to step up efforts to agree on comprehensive immigration reform, the chances of that, in such a divisive political climate, appear to be, sadly, impossible.

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