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The Most Important Question About an American Tragedy

On this day before Thanksgiving, we wake up to news of yet another mass shooting.

No matter what your opinion is about guns, everyone will agree that there are way too many of these deadly tragedies.

A mass shooting is defined as an incident in which four or more people die excluding the killer. Since the start of November, just more than three weeks ago, our country has seen at least 26 mass shootings, according to an independent data collection organization. Since the start of this year. there have been 602 of them.

The latest occurring Tuesday night at a place where thousands and thousands of Americans shop every day…a Walmart in Chesapeake Virginia.

And the questions being asked are the same ones asked at every mass shooting; why did it happen, how did it happen and the most important question of all, as always, what are we going to do about it.

That last question is the one that remains unanswered. And many worry if it will ever be answered.

Of course, there now will be renewed talk of how best to answer it. There will be more debates about what to do. History would suggest that it may be impossible for all to agree on what to do.

But on the eve of an American holiday where we express thanks that we live in this country, it is time to get serious about ending this ongoing American tragedy.

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