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Finding an Answer to Mass Shootings After Monterey Park

We’ve seen it happen before. It’s already happened far too many times. And we all sadly know we will see it happen again.

A man with a gun walks into a dance studio, a club, a school, a church, a Walmart and opens fire.

Having gone to a Walmart just the other day, the first thought was what to if a gunman were to suddenly walk into the store. We heard people on the radio Sunday saying they are not going to go anywhere where there are a lot of people gathered in one place. I don’t feel safe any more, said one person in Los Angeles, hours after those 10 people were shot dead and another 10 were wounded as they celebrated the Luna New Year.

According to information about this Asian holiday, houses are thoroughly cleaned to remove any bad luck that might be lingering inside, a custom called “sweeping of the grounds.”  Tragically, for the people at the Lunar New Year celebration in Monterey Park, the bad luck was waiting for them outside of their house, away from their homes,

But with what continues to happen, mass shooting after mass shooting, year after year, decade after decade, maybe it’s time for a thorough cleaning of our nation.

These mass shootings don’t happen very often in other countries. Aside from whatever new laws or policies need to be changed, the real answer is mostly one that lies inside the hearts, minds and souls of people.   And after what happened this weekend, we can do what people are doing in Monterey Park now....praying that things will change in America.

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MONTEREY PARK, CA - JANUARY 22: Members of the community hold a prayer vigil at Monterey Park City Hall for victims of a deadly shooting on January 22, 2023 in Monterey Park, California. 10 people were killed and 10 more were injured at a dance studio in Photo: Getty Images

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