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A Vote That Could Cost You More for Coffee

It’s hard to name a company that has become more popular and more successful so quickly in recent decades than Starbucks.

A lot of people say other coffee brands taste better, but Starbucks quickly through the years became a place to experience a certain coffee lifestyle, a place known for its friendly customer service and a unique and hip kind of place to meet and relax.

That’s presumably why Starbucks drew so many customers who were willing to pay higher prices for their coffee.

But with a very popular Starbucks location in Encinitas becoming the first in San Diego County where employees have successfully unionized, it has drawn attention to the coffee giant.

The campaign to unionize at this Starbucks is reported to have come after management cut back the number of staffers working during any given shift.

Store employees at the Starbucks on Leucadia Boulevard voted last week in favor of joining the Workers United Upstate labor union.

A national spokesperson for the union told the San Diego Union Tribune more than 315 Starbucks stores around the country have won union elections. And business analysts say we will probably see more. And it could mean even higher prices.

But for Starbucks lovers, chances are most won’t mind having to pay a little more because of it, because they know they’re already hooked.

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