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What to Do in the Morning to be More Productive

So how do you get yourself started in the morning when you don’t feel like getting your morning started? And what can you do get your brain ready for the day so you can be more productive and better at what you do?

A new study about the human mind may have some answers.

Researchers used a state of the art brain monitoring tool called MINDWATCH. It’s described as an algorithm that tracks a person’s brain activity and its response to certain things you do.

They had the participants in the study wear skin-monitoring wristbands and brain-monitoring headbands. And then they had them do mental tests while listening to music, drinking coffee, or smelling fragrances they like and then tested them without them doing those things.

The results suggested that the right everyday pleasures like listening to music or sipping a cup of coffee can elevate brain activity and improve concentration and memory.

One of the researchers said the pandemic impacted the mental well-being of many people…and now more than ever, there’s a need to carefully monitor the negative impact of everyday stressors.

There’s no doubt among most experts that the pandemic, the shutdowns, and the social isolation all had an impact on most people in some way.

And that’s probably why the debate goes on about whether working from home or working back at the office is better for the brain when it comes to getting work done and done well.

You might want to think more about that today as you get ready for your day.

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