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Feelings of Fear Following Deadly Shooting of L-A County Sheriff's Deputy

As the manhunt intensifies for the person who shot and killed a 30-year-old Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy in Palmdale, there is not only sadness but a lot of anger and lots of outrage.

Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer was not shot during a gun battle with a suspect, but what happened is being described as an ambush, as he sat in his patrol car at a red light.

The Sheriff issued a statement, saying that “Ryan wasn’t only a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He was a son. He was a grandson. He had just been engaged four days ago…and this coward, or cowards, took his life while he was serving our community.”

An L-A County Supervisor called it an unprovoked attack on an honorable public servant and attack on the law enforcement community at large.

This deadly attack on a law enforcement officer in Southern California comes at a time of increasing incidents of crime.

Just this weekend, police in El Cajon were called out to the shooting and wounding of a teenager at the Parkway Plaza mall which had to be locked down and frightened lots of shoppers.

And almost every weekend it seems, San Diego police are having to respond to more assaults or shootings.

Being a cop has always been a dangerous job. But when an officer of the law is targeted, shot and killed, it shakes us all because they are the people who we count on to protect us. 

(Photo L-A County Sheriff's Department)

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