Right NOW Feature Launches Tonight on KOGO

We live in a world where things are changing dramatically every day...sometimes, every hour. Every weekday, NewsRadio 600 KOGO will share the things that matter RIGHT NOW with your:


  • FINANCES The latest news on the economy, lay-offs, 401k’s etc. Hosted by Bob "Sully" Sullivan.


  • MENTAL HEALTH How to stay calm in this crisis, stress relief ideas, coping, etc. Hosted by Lou Penrose.


  • PHYSICAL HEALTH Separating fact from fiction on the Coronavirus news, putting numbers into perspective. Hosted by Mark Larson.


  • SPIRITUAL HEALTH Whatever your religion, how to tap into it your faith and stay hopeful during these troubled times. Hosted by Mike Slater.


  • PERSONAL HEALTH We can’t go to clubs, or concerts, or out on dates, but can do a virtual gathering. Hosted by LaDona Harvey.

Five different days, five different themes. Join us every weeknight at 8pm for what matters RIGHT NOW.

RIGHT NOW is Presented By The San Diego Foundation’s Covid-19 Community Response Fund

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