Police Officer Explains the Split-Second Decisions Cops Make Every Day

TODD: Matt from Cleveland, Ohio. Matt, you're on the Rush Limbaugh, Todd Herman, your guide host. Glad you called, Matt. Welcome.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, friend. I've been a cop for almost 30 years, and I planned originally to do it for another 10. But the way that things are now with cops being vilified for not only doing what's wrong and getting whatever consequences they have coming... I don't disagree with that. But when you're doing things right and by the book and by your extensive, yearly updated training, and you're still vilified, it's time to go. I can take care of mine. I can take care of me and those around me ongoing. But as far as the masses, I just can't do it anymore.

TODD: Officer --

CALLER: And I'm not the only one. There are others that are in the same boat.

TODD: I got your first name here, Matt. I choose to call you "officer" right now, 'cause you're still a cop, right?


TODD: Yeah. Just, one, number one, thank you for being a good cop, as most of your brothers and sisters are. Number two, have you ever had anybody yell at you because you didn't get there soon enough? Like, "Where were you? You didn't get here! How did it take so long"? Is that an experience cops have?

CALLER: Oh, all the time. I mean, well, when it applies, yeah. "You don't get here soon enough." You know, in the situation, we are trained that an assailant with a knife can get to a cop with a holstered weapon if they are 20 feet or less to that officer. Chances are you're gonna end up going hand-to-hand, and he was even closer than that, and this young lady was right on top of her victim.

He had no choice. It was either save the girl or not. It's what it comes down to. And it's not only the fact that the left loves to vilify cops regardless, but everybody else that is on the right or centrist that are failing to stand up in mass and say, "You know what? Enough's enough. We need the cops because if these cops continue to leave, then you're gonna end up with subpar individuals left to take up the mantle, and you're gonna end up with buyer's remorse."

TODD: And, you know, Mark, I would just say that, also, if cops like you leave and cops who understand the Constitution and understand that dread duty of, "My gosh, are you kidding me? I have two 16-year-old children, one attempting to kill the other. I have to make the horrible decision to take a life to save a life." You're gonna end up with cops who are in it to enforce social justice rules.


And the other thing that the left is showing -- and they're indicating in every possible way -- is to people who've been made angry, victimized by CNN and the other mockingbird media, we're gonna give you your shot at revenge. That is a police force we do not want. Mark, brother, I appreciate you, man.

I want you to know, I get emotional when I talk about you guys that you strap it on every day. Do me a favor. I gotta run. But tell the folks on the force. I know this audience -- I've been so blessed to fill in and to guide host for Rush now that he's gone to heaven. There's so much support for you guys. Please stay safe, and I hope the decision that you come to is the right one for you.