Joseph Heath of Aviara Oaks Middle School is the May SDCCU Classroom Hero

Joseph Heath of Aviara Oaks Middle School is the SDCCU Classroom Heroes recipient for May 2019. Joseph is a dedicated and caring teacher that both his students and their parents admire greatly.


My son and I what to nominate Mr. Joseph Heath as a SDCCU Classroom Hero.

As a mom who carpools several boys three days a week, I hear the kids talk about; what happened in school with their friends, about the school staff, and about teachers they like and don’t like. What amazes me is one specific teacher the boys always talk about,Mr. Joseph Heath.

Below, you will find what my son wrote which sums up what I hear at least once a week in our drive home about Mr. Heath.

- “He lets us express our opinions in class for an allocated period of time on real-world issues, ethics, history, etc… “

- “This allows us to engage about Social Studies and why it matters today”

- “Mr. Heath challenges us and tells us to do research to back up our opinion.”

- “Mr. Heath always gives the other side of the opinion so that we remain balanced.”

- “Mr. Heath makes us feel like our opinion matters even if he doesn’t agree or gives the other side of the opinion.”

-“He teaches us the importance of values such as kindness, respect, curiosity, discipline, etc…”

-“Mr. Heath is always very straight forward/candid, he is honest.”

-“Has a good sense of humor which helps kids get tougher and it’s not in a mean way.”

- "He teaches the subjects in an interesting manner so we all stay engaged.”

- “He always expresses how he Loves his family and how family is important.”

- “He also teaches to respectful of people’s right to have an opinion.”

That is what my son , Rylan had to say about Mr. Heath.

I would like to add that my son has a medical condition and is on a 504 plan through he school. At the beginning of 2018-2019 school year, I had to meet with all of Rylan’s teachers to review his condition. Mr. Heath is the only teacher who calls me every time Rylan misses class to make sure he is OK. What is even more amazing, is Mr. Heath’s son has a serious medical condition and had to have brain surgery this last month (March). My son was out of class sick when Mr. Heath’s son was in the Hospital. He still called to check on my son while his son was in the hospital recovering from Brain surgery and fighting chemical meningitis after his brain surgery. He called to make sure Rylan was OK and to let me know he would be at my son’s 504 meeting. Needless to say, I was floored and amazed he took the time to call. He truly cares about the kids in his class and inspires my son daily. To me, he is more than a class room hero.

I hope you will seriously consider Mr Joseph Heath for the SDCCU Classroom Hero Award.

The SDCCU Classroom Heroes program recognizes outstanding educators and the tremendous impact they have on their students. The program was launched in March of 2015 and has already honored dozens of teachers at schools throughout San Diego County. Teachers, students, parents, and community members are all encouraged to nominate an outstanding educator by visiting this page.

Program winners receive a$500 SDCCU® Visa® Gift Card and are featured on San Diego iHeartRadio stations, and ABC 10News.