San Diego Democratic Party Pushes To End Fireworks At SeaWorld

The San Diego County Democratic Central Committee passed two resolutions on Tuesday, April 20, against animal cruelty for human entertainment, reports KUSI.

One of these resolutions calls on the San Diego City Council to put an end to the SeaWorld firework show.

SeaWorld's firework show just started back up again for Spring. It occurs every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00 P.M.

The San Diego Democrats' resolution says the SeaWorld firework shows, "frighten companion animals, terrifies lonely shelter dogs and cats, and wreaks havoc on wildlife, often causing dogs and cats to flee and become lost and injured, and the toxic chemicals released into the air and water poison the environment."

KUSI points out that Democrats currently have an 8-1 supermajority on the San Diego City Council.

The fireworks resolution is also co-sponsored by County Democratic Party Vice Chair Becca Taylor and lifetime member Kathleen Harmon.

The other resolution passed on Tuesday aims to ban "the use of torture devices at rodeos, including electric prods, shocking devices, flank or bucking straps, wire tiedowns, sharpened or fixed spurs, and rowels," according to Democratic Central Committee member Bryan Pease.

After being closed for over a year, SeaWorld recently reopened its rides to the public on Monday, April 12.

Photo: Getty Images